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Scott Kiernan | Syntax Workers

June 21 - July 3


Scott Kiernan is an artist living and working in New York City. In his video, photo and installation works, electronically synthesized and photographic elements interact to address their own materiality and means of distribution. He is particularly interested in how meaning shifts through stages of translation via technology, speech and syntax.


He was founder and co-director of Louis V E.S.P., an artist-run gallery and performance space in Brooklyn, NY (2010- 2012) and now of E.S.P. TV (2011-present), a nomadic television studio that explores the televisual as a medium for broadcast collaborations. This project also formed UNIT 11, a transmission-based residency program operating from a former TV news van turned mobile electronic studio. Kiernan also directs Various/Artists, a project producing audio/visual releases by artists working across diverse media.


He has exhibited and performed internationally in venues such as Museum of Modern Art, New Museum, Museum of Arts and Design, Swiss Institute/Contemporary Art, Storefront for Art and Architecture, Whitney Museum of American Art, PERFORMA, Harvard Art Museums, P.S.122, Anthology Film Archives, Mixed Greens, Ballroom Marfa, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the Center for International Contemporary Art in Rome.

List of Works

1. Tool for Thought, 2022, re-purposed computer shell, aluminum, video, LED panels, nylon, 23 x 23 x 11 in.


2. Xerox brings back Civilization, 2024, found photo, magazine, binder, plexiglas, 27.25 x 26 x 3 in.


3. Our Negative Qualities, 2023, four color photographs, 20 x 24 in. each, 84 x 20 in. installed


4. Everyone trying to get off the planet, 2023, steel, plexiglas, archival pigment print, video, LED panels, kickstand, 41 x 31 x 54 in.


5. Learner’s Permit, 2023, steel, plexiglas, archival pigment print, LED panels, rope, tackle, 40 x 45 x 4 in.


6. Cold Shoulder, 2023, steel, plexiglas, archival pigment print, video, LED panels, hardware,  nylon, 36.25 x 60 x 4 in.


7. Inflection Point, 2023, archival pigment print, 30.25 x 38 in.


8. A room presumes, 2021, single channel video on CRT monitor with sound, 3 min.


9. The Room Presumed, 2021/22, single channel video with sound, 19 min. 


10. Chattering Matte, 2023, single channel video with sound from a live performance, 21 min.

11. Inflection Point, 2023, three-channel video on CRT monitors, silent, 8 min. loop

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